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That, however, is history, and with Songs for the Deaf, the Queens have hit a new peak in their development: the sound is more massive, the.
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There will be extra shipping costs for this service. Question on item. Salutation Salutation Mrs Mr. First name. This is the radio that took very station out of the "Rock is alive and can't die. First we'll listen to "First it giveth". What an impressive and fearsome music and actually now you'll see! Let's see, let's see, here it goes!!!

Translation by Norbert of muchas-gracias. Good afternoon misters and ladies here is The Dj Actor Bonifacio Etxeberria Cervantes de la Cruz y Rubi Rojas this is the radio that take out all station where the rock lives and not die, we are going to listen a couple of songs of Queens Of Stone Age, first we are going to listen First It Giveth. What music astonishing, frightening and really now you are going to see to see to see to see here comes here comes here comes here comes Elastic Ass with you here in Chino Hills, the last frontier.

That's where we're at. K-double O-L, you know what it spells and you know how we do. Live and direct comin to you from the middle of nowhere, the center of everywhere. You gotta check this band: Queens of the Stone Age. If you're not knowin, I'm here to let you know. Giving it my stamp of approval, you know what I'm sayin, so pick this up. This is, uh, Millionaire. Queens of the Stone Age.

A song about something they'll you'll never be. God is Radio This is Tom Sherman. Down here at Baning College, we're promoting a blood drive. You're listening to AM Laid back. Little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Eve showed Adam the apple. Told me so to my face. Good to know that he's walking with me. Big rock as a weapon. Hallelujah, ya'll.

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I wanna hear a couple of hallelujahs. And if you, my pets, learn to listen, I'll let you crawl back in. Here is something you should drop to your knees for But you're too stupid to realize yourselves. A song for the deaf that is for you.

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It's been a good night. Dave Catching here. Not saying goodnight, just saying.

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Producer: Eric Valentine produced the first cut of the album in late The band didn't like it, so they got Chris Goss to help them produce it themselves in The Queen's have broken off their relationship with producer Eric Valentine Chris touts the new lp, "I've never heard anything like it. Homme wants his dick sucked, and he deserves it. As a matter of fact, so do I. Vox on Mosquito Song? Anna Paz's sister - strings on Mosquito Song. The video for the song was shot in two parts: the first half on June 26 and 27, and the second half finished on July Michel Gondry shot the video.

NME says the single will be released in October. Promos: Songs for the Deaf promo photos, stickers, etc. QOTSA will release a short story either before the album is out or with the album in a limited form perhaps with the vinyl edition : "Queens of the Stone Age have launched their comeback album by publishing a bizarre, decadent short story featuring the band snorting drugs off an air stewardess. The story is a promotional device in the style of a pulp fiction book that may be given away in some form with the album, according to sources. The DVD could be the March 7, show.

The band recorded it with the intention of releasing it Little Sister: This song was supposed to be on the album, but it's not on either version of the album that's surfaced so far. Will it be a b-side? Does it even exist? Who knows Movie Poop Shoot's Advance Reivew. Quotes About the Album. Dean Wean: "Lastly, I was fortunate enough to play guitar on a few tracks on the forthcoming album from our brothers The Queens of the Stone Age, the record is called "Songs for the Deaf.

If you're like me and totally frustrated with all of the fake ass rock and roll on the radio these days, do yourself a favor and buy this record the day it's released--it blows away pretty much everything else out there. So this was a lot more interesting. Our recording was good.

We just finished the new record, which is kind of a concept record that has the radio flipping between songs, like the dial on a radio.

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And we have different DJs -- I don't mean scratching DJs, I mean DJs talking -- announcing songs and just kind of talking shit about how a lot of stations play the same thing over and over. We're just taking a chance, having a good time. We don't get played on the radio, so I figure we should talk shit about them.

And it's a concept album. I won't talk about the concept, but suffice it to say 'concept album' to me is usually a really bad term.

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So I use it as though it were good. I think the concept is really cool. Our philosophy was to make an album where the pace goes up and down and you really need to listen to the whole thing. The concept helps make that happen.